SOLEK HOLDING SE is an energy company established in 2010, providing business in renewable energy sector. With a focus on solar power, it develops, builds, owns, operates and maintains power plants across the European and Latin American continents. Its activities are most widespread in Chile; other localities of successfully realized photovoltaic projects include the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. As part of its business strategy, the expansion goes also to new markets, such as Cyprus. Since its establishment, SOLEK HOLDING SE completed close to twenty projects over 87 MW of installed capacity. Other 360 MW from tens of photovoltaic power plants are currently under development and construction. Its mission to build 800 MW of installed capacity and under the development should be reached in 2023. 

For the first decade, SOLEK HOLDING SE performed primarily as a developer, when solar power plants around the Chilean capital Santiago successfully sold to the Canadian “Carbon Free”, the American “Arroyo Energy Group” and the French investors “Reden Solar”. Today, its current business strategy is not only to design and build photovoltaic plants, but also to take a position as an active owner and operator. In particular, the investment instruments are used for financing activities, such as the corporate bonds programme with a stable income, successfully placed in the market. 

SOLEK HOLDING SE is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, with subsidiary offices in Chile, Cyprus, Hungary, Romania, Greece and Colombia. The founder, majority owner and CEO of SOLEK HOLDING SE is Zdeněk Sobotka, a Czech entrepreneur and solar energy visionary. 

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