How to join the Platform

The platform accepts new members. The platform is welcoming new members, who comply with the following criteria:

  • develop or prepare activities in the field of hydrogen technology development or hydrogen economy, or they participate financially or personally
  • are a legal person

Membership terms and benefits:


A regular member of the platform has the ability to influence the organizational structure and strategic management of the association. Statutory bodies of the platform- Board of Directors, see §10, resp. its members may be elected only from the representatives of the regular members of the association. Acceptance of a regular member is decided by the Board of Directors and subsequently approved by the General Meeting.

  • is entitled to one vote at the general meeting
  • has priority access to non-public information to which the platform has access through its activities and cooperation with affiliates and associations
    • from the field of hydrogen activities abroad, news from the European Community institutions, grant programs, results of studies and research, information on the challenges
    • from public and non-public resources provided by other Platform members
  • has the opportunity to utilize the name of the platform (after formal approval by the governing body of the platform) in communication with authorities in pursuit of objectives and legislative and working requirements of members
  • can use the platform’s contacts to find and mediate partners for members’ projects
  • is entitled to preferential terms including the possibility of presenting and promoting himself at events (conferences, seminars, workshops) organized by the platform
  • is entitled to provide a brief description of his activities in marketing materials o fthe platform (printed matter, leaflets, web, social networks, etc.) and official press releases (approximately 10 times per year)
  • has the right to publish projects or news related to his activities, which are related to the activities of the platform on the web portal of the platform
  • is entitled to a monthly "member newsletter" with a summary of the platform's activities over a given period
  • has access to detailed information about the activities of other entities in the Czech Republic, the EU and the world
  • has the possibility to participate in joint projects in the field of hydrogen technologies (Min. of Trade, Min. of Transport, Min. of Environment, etc.)
  • enjoys facilitated communication with interested organizations and individuals
  • has the prestige of engaging in the Hi-tech area (beyond development and research)
  • The acceptance of an associated member is decided by the Board of Directors and subsequently approved by the General Meeting of the Platform.Associate member of the platform is informed of the results of the General Meeting of the Association or may attend the general meeting with an advisory voice.


If you are interested, please contact us via the contact form