The rich tradition of industrial metallurgical production in Třinec dates back to the first half of the 19th century. The first blast furnace was lit on 1 April 1839. Since then, Třinec Ironworks has built a stable position on the market for steel and other metallurgical products with exports to many countries around the world. We are the largest steel producer in the Czech Republic.

The Třinecké železárny Group currently comprises 28 companies in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. Třinecké železárny is based on a closed metallurgical production cycle, which includes agglomeration, blast furnaces, steel production in an oxygen converter  and an electric steel , and final rolling mill operations. The cycle is completed by the processing of the secondary materials generated in the production process.

Třinecké železárny is on the threshold of strategic changes related to sustainable business. The new phase of operations will dramatically change the current shape of steel production. The mill has already started a transformation project that will lead to an environmentally friendly steel production process. The aim is to further reduce the greenhouse gases emitted into the air.



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