Engineering Test Institute, Public Enterprise

Engineering Test Institute, Public Enterprise

SZÚ is an accredited testing laboratory No. 1045.1 and notified body 1015 of the European Community for conformity assessment according to European legislation.

We expertly guide manufacturing companies through the entire certification process and provide comprehensive product testing and certification: pre-certification development tests | assistance in launching new products on the market | assessment of compliance with legislation and standards | professional surveillance, testing, inspection and certification | certification of management systems, products and persons | mobile measurements or independent acceptance of products. 

We test products from more than 40 countries around the world. We issue more than 2,500 certificates per year. We test more than 2,000 products a year. We issue more than 400 inspection reports a year.


Hudcova 42/56b, Brno, 621 00, Czech Republic

+420 722 087 194