The original specialization of the company is the field of renewable energy sources. Nowadays focus also includes conventional energy and conventional sources, optimization of electricity and heat consumption, technical due diligence of existing equipment, and battery systems.

In the field of chemistry and chemical technologies, we process conceptual studies and feasibility studies for modernization projects, use of secondary raw materials, e.g. biomass or municipal waste. We develop projects focusing on CCS and CCU technologies.

In the field of hydrogen technologies, we are preparing a conceptual and feasibility study on the utilization of electrolyzers using our own FVE and VTE production and the production of green hydrogen with the help of PPA contracts.

Our consulting portfolio encompasses more than 1,500 MWp of installed capacity in PV power plants, 350 MWp of wind power plants and a significant part of small hydropower plants and biomass sources. We're also experienced in utilization of Battery storage systems (>20 MW) and water electrolysis studies (>160 MW).


ENACO, s.r.o.
Energy Consulting

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