The Czech Gas Association

The Czech Gas Association

The Czech Gas Association (CGA) brings together businesses, scientific, research and educational institutions, and experts operating in the gas and related industries.
The CGA follows up on the traditions established in 1919 by the Czechoslovak Gas and Water Association and it is a founding member of the International Gas Union (IGU) (1931).
The CGA’s mission is to work for the benefit of the Czech gas industry’s professional interests and needs; help to raise its levels of expertise; and represent the Czech gas industry at the international level.

The CGA is a member of the IGU, Eurogas, Marcogaz and NGVA Europe, i.e. major international gas associations. The CGA facilitates the transmission of gas industry information from these associations, and through its activities in their bodies and structures represents the Czech gas industry at the international level.

The CGA paves the way for broad-ranging exchanges of information in the Czech gas industry. It uses such information for drafting and commenting on international and national legislation and technical regulations; it is a partner of the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing in the harmonisation of the national technical legislation with the relevant EU regulations. In this respect, the CGA also works with the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic.

In pursuing its mission, the CGA also operates in technical education, organising international conferences and a number of technical training courses for both its members and outside experts.

The CGA supports and actively promotes increased use of natural gas, biomethane and SNG as green fuels that can be utilised most efficiently.