Messer Technogas s.r.o.

Messer Technogas s.r.o.


The Messer brand has been recognised as a specialist in production and supply of industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, acetylene, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, gases for protective atmospheres during welding operations, medical gases, gases for the food industry, speciality and inert gases, as well as a wide range of different gas mixtures for more than 120 years.

Messer Technogas s.r.o. is a subsidiary of the parent company Messer SE & Co. KGaA in the Czech Republic and ranks among the leading players on the local market for industrial gases.

The Messer Group is a leading global supplier of hydrogen and has a wealth of experience in production of hydrogen as a fuel. Thanks to its experience and market position, the group can help to link production and distribution of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen with demand from industry, transport and other sectors.

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