GREEN REMEDY is working on a project for complex implementation of hydrogen economy, which aims to create a system to enable hydrogen technologies to be used in the full spectrum of its options – power storage, clean mobility, electricity production, etc. The key benefit will be innovative and entrepreneurial joining of the technologies that are now still in different stages of development or commercialization into a functionally optimized whole, with the widest use of IT technology.


The goal is to produce a model system of hydrogen management using hydrogen technologies in connection with a solar power plant and hydrogen storage in a realworld environment to demonstrate the potential of hydrogen technology in the following areas:

  • Accumulation of surplus electricity into hydrogen
  • Utilization of stored energy in hydrogen as
    • a back-up power supply for power generation in the event of a power failure
    • for system services of the transmission system (peak alignment)
    • s a fuel for a passenger hydrogen car (later also hydrogen bus) – a general
    • solution to hydrogen pumping station and pure mobility
  • Data collection from the entire system and it’s evaluation for continuous optimization of the system

The Model of Hydrogen Management System

The Model of Hydrogen Management System will serve to verify the functionality of the system, optimize it, and help create a kit that will be commercially available as a "modular" solution.