Cylinders Holding a.s.

Cylinders Holding a.s.

Cylinders Holding is a Czech company that has been continuously developing and producing seamless steel pressure cylinders since 1905.

We are a manufacturer of seamless steel pressure cylinders and vessels for hydrogen with a pressure range from 200 up to 1050 bar and we also realize solutions of product applications for hydrogen storage and transport in modular units (hydrogen virtual pipelines). We are constantly developing thanks to our our own research and development.


  • is a global producer with the largest share in the European steel cylinder market. The company’s export targets all the continents. In selected territories, the holding builds not only a market position but also new production facilities.
  • is the only company that is capable to produce seamless steel hydrogen pressure vessels up to 1000bar by using method of reverse extrusion
  • builds its future on the principles of the circular economy, ie on the ability to use primary production waste and, using modern technologies, to produce a suitable and environmentally friendly product without it. Mobile and virtual gas pipeline systems developed by Cylinders Holding confirm that there are comfortable, environmentally friendly and economical top-quality solutions that reduce the burden on our planet.

European Union
Project "Česká vodíková technologická platforma 2023" CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/20_369/0025119
Is co-financed by the European Union