CDV – Transport Research Centre (CDV)

CDV – Transport Research Centre (CDV)


CDV - Transport Research Centre (CDV) is a public research institution, established according to the law 341/2005 Coll. on public research institutions, and the only one research body under the Czech Ministry of Transport.

CDV provides research, expertise and services in all transport fields for both public and private sectors.
Through its research focus, CDV – Transport Research Centre, covers the key needs of transport development in the Czech Republic at national, regional and local levels.

CDV has been involved for a long time in research of impacts of transport on the environment. One of the main activities in this area deals with the production of emissions by transport, which has been under enormous pressure since 2017. We see the huge potential to meet ambitious goals in accordance with sustainable development policy, the National Action Plan on Clean Mobility, and also in terms of meeting the energy demands of society in general, in the introduction of hydrogen technologies in the transport sector. In this context, it is necessary to address issues not only of a technical nature but also in terms of social acceptability, identification of psychological and sociological barriers, conceptual and strategic documents aimed at developing "hydrogen transport" (including development of filling station infrastructure in accordance with road and rail transport demands, in international, national and regional level) etc. Our aim is to support the natural introduction of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies without negative market distortions with adverse social and environmental impacts.
CDV has been involved a long time as well in the issue of alternative drives. In terms of hydrogen drives, CDV, for example, has prepared a Feasibility Study for the Application of Hydrogen in Public Transport in Karlovy Vary, which was used in several outputs in the international project Green urban transport systems (GUTS).

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