SVÚM a.s.

SVÚM a.s.

SVÚM a.s. is one of the most important research organizations in the Czech Republic and specializes in basic and applied research and development of metallic materials (ferrous and non-ferrous metals), plastics and composites. It has accredited laboratories and test rooms with an extensive focus on the aerospace, automotive, railway, energy and engineering industries. SVÚM a.s. collaborates on research projects in the Czech Republic and abroad within the calls of the ministries of the Czech Republic, TACR and international projects of the European Union (COST, EUREKA, EUROSTARS, HORIZON 2020, etc.). SVÚM a.s. is located in the Science and Technology Park SVÚM a.s. in Tovární 2053, in Čelákovice.

Main activities:
a. Applied research in the development of new alloys, technology for the production and processing of materials and metallurgical products of metals and their alloys; consulting, expertise, supervision, lifetime prediction of machine parts and tools,

b. Testing of materials - in accredited laboratories according to ČSN EN ISO 17025 by ČIA, (SVÚM a.s. has from GE Aviation,
Cincinnati, USA, selected types of material tests acc. To S-400 standard), tests of mechanical properties (static, impact and fatigue), cooperation with the Notified Body in the field of tests according to EN ISO / IEC 17025; EN ISO / IEC 17065; EN ISO / IEC 17021, metallographic analyzes, chemical analyzes, corrosion tests, high temperature tests (creep); SVÚM a.s. has many years of experience in testing materials in the gas pipeline system.

c. Welding - testing and certification of welding personnel and expert services, testing of welding and soldering personnel, cooperation with welding schools in education, processing of WPS, WPAR, WPQR, pWPS technological procedures, inspection of steel structures, contractual welding supervision and supervision
d. Special technologies and production:

 Products made of PTFE, Teflon - filled PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) reinforced with metal fabric under the name METALOPLAST® for bearing foils and bearing bushes for the automotive industry.

 High performance permanent magnets - used for particle separation, grips, special magnets, cleaning magnets for oil pipelines.

SVÚM a.s.
Tovární 2053
25088 Čelákovice
Tel.: +420 326 509 014