EUROWATER, spol. s r.o.

EUROWATER, spol. s r.o.

Since 1936, EUROWATER (Silhorko-Eurowater) has been dedicated to the development, production and supply of reliable industrial water treatment plants, which includes complete solutions for a wide range of industrial and application areas. Its water treatment plants are renowned for their quality, long service life and high operational reliability. Its team has deep knowledge of water treatment, both theoretical and practical, and uses proven and recognized technologies and components.

Highlights of EUROWATER's standard product portfolio include pressure filters (standard and stainless steel), softeners, automatic ion exchange demineralisers, mixbeds, reverse osmosis (standard, compact and two-stage), electrodeionisation equipment and deaerators.

In the field of hydrogen technology, the company specializes in two standard applications for treated water: demineralized water for electrolytic processes and treated water for cooling systems. For both of these areas, it has standardized solutions that have been successfully implemented in various production plants, such as Hydrogenics/Cummins, Stiesdal PtX Technologies and Hydrogen Pro.

Thanks to its pan-European group, EUROWATER can share experience and cooperate with its colleagues in Denmark, Belgium, Norway and Germany, where many of their water treatment plants are already successfully used in specific projects.

Tomáš Veverka, Sales and Operations Manager
EUROWATER, spol. s r.o.
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