EG.D, a.s.

EG.D, a.s.

We operate distribution grid for electricity in the entire regions of Jihomorovaský and Jihočeský kraj, as well as partly in regions of Zlínský, Olomoucký kraj and Vysočina region. Our gas distribution grid is operated solely in the region of Jihočeský kraj.

As a distributor we posses assets of power lines, pylons, transformers, gas pipes and other equipment needed for the distribution of gas and electricity. We have gained the licence for distribution based on the Energy law and we are under the control of the Energy regulation bureau.

Hydrogen has become one of the most impactful topics for us in the recent years. We take its role in energy sector as crucial in the path for decarbonization and therefore analyze thoroughly the development of hydrogen technologies and strategic plans both in a private sector and on a national level.

Project Hype (Hydrogen Project by E.ON Czech) is the latest ambition of EG.D, a.s., which aims to build a facility for green hydrogen production in the region of South Bohemia. One of the goals of the project is also to build a research facility to test the impact of hydrogen on gas distribution grid technologies, metering and billing of end customers.

Lidická 1873/36, Černá Pole (Brno-střed), 602 00 Brno
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