EG.D, a.s.

EG.D, a.s.

EG.D, a.s. operates the electricity distribution system and operates in the entire territory of the South Moravian and South Bohemian Regions, and partially in the Zlín, Olomouc and Vysočina Regions. It is responsible for gas distribution only in the territory of the South Bohemia Region.

As a distributor, it owns the actual lines, poles, transformers, pipelines and other equipment used to distribute electricity and gas. The company has obtained a licence for the distribution of electricity and gas under the Energy Act and is subject to control by the Energy Regulatory Authority.

In recent years, it has been focusing on hydrogen technology as one of its core topics. It sees its role in the energy sector as the next major step towards decarbonisation and closely follows developments in hydrogen technology and strategic plans in the private sector and at the national level.

The most recent ambition of EG.D, a.s. is the Hype Project (Hydrogen Project by E.ON Czech), which aims to build a green hydrogen production facility in the South Bohemia region. The project will also include the construction of a test polygon where the effects of hydrogen on gas distribution system elements, metering and customer billing will be investigated.

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