Bohemia Controls

Bohemia Controls

Bohemia Controls is an engineering and supply company operating in the field of automation of technological processes.

We offer and provide our customers partial and comprehensive solutions to their requirements in the industrial sector in areas of control systems, measurement and regulation systems, electrical.

Our employees are continuously educated and developed in modern industrial automation technologies and they support our clients during the implementation of their investment plans.

Within hydrogen technologies, we ensure the determination of automation assignment scope, the drawing up of the implementation project documentation in parts control systems, measurement and regulation systems, electrical, and subsequently the work implementation.

With customers we discuss the complete life cycle of technology including maintenance and service.


Headquartes: Loupnická 139, Janov, 435 42 Litvínov

Correspondence adress: K Pérovně 1622/33, Praha 10, 102 00


Contact phone: +420 720 744 648

Contact e-mail: