The Abstract Submission has been closed and all submitted abstracts are being reviewed.

The authors will be informed about the outcome of the evaluation on 31 March 2017.

If any questions remain, feel free to contact the WHTC 2017 Convention Secretariat for more information.



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Abstract Submission Deadline

31 January 2017

15 February 2017

Abstracts Evaluation Results Notification

31 March 2017

Early Bird Registration Deadline

12 April 2017

Authors Registration Deadline

12 April 2017

Programme Publication

May 2017


We are happy to announce the agreement with the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (impact factor 3,205, publisher: Elsevier), the official journal of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy, that up to 100 abstracts will be selected for publication of full papers in a special issue.


Download Abstract Submission Guidelines as PDF.


Abstracts MUST be submitted electronically via the online submission system by the given deadline 15 February 2017. Abstracts received via fax, e-mail or received after the deadline will not be accepted and therefore will not be considered for the programme or publication.


Abstracts are to be submitted into one of the following scientific topics:

Transportation Systems

New Trends

Fuel cell & fuel cell stacks
Fuel cell for powertrain
Fuel cell as an auxiliary power supply


Road vehicles
Refuelling infrastructure
Non-road mobile vehicles
Maritime, rail and aviation applications

Energy Systems

New Trends

New materials and processes for hydrogen production
Hydrogen energy conversion and utilization
Materials and technologies for hydrogen storage


Hydrogen production from renewables, grid balancing
Fuel cell systems for CHP and UPS
Power to Gas
Hydrogen storage, handling, and distribution

Cross-cutting issues

Safety, education, and training
Legislation, pre-normative research
Experiences from complex demonstrations projects
Hydrogen regions
Financing of hydrogen technology

Czech Hydrogen Days 2017

Situation in Central and Eastern Europe
Situation in small countries
Regional and Visegrad collaboration
Tailored information for state and urban employees as well as for interested industrial partners


A preferred presentation type should be selected during the submission from the following options:

Oral presentation
Poster presentation


Once the abstract is submitted no further changes are allowed unless an e-mail request is sent to the Convention Secretariat using the e-mail:


All abstracts will be reviewed by the WHTC 2017 Scientific Committee, who will consider its formal aspects and the content. They will decide which abstracts will be accepted may consider the final presentation type.


Accepted abstracts will be published in the Abstract Book. Abstracts not suitable for display will be rejected. Please have your abstract checked for correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and formal structure. The organiser reserves the right to edit abstracts if necessary prior to the publication in the Abstract Book.

By submitting the abstract, the author authorizes the organizer to make his/her final presentation available after the convention. Presentations will only be available for other delegates in a password protected section of the convention website.


All presenting authors will receive an acceptance/rejection notification via e-mail by 31 March 2017.


All presenting authors are obliged to register by 12 April 2017.



All abstracts must be written in English.


When submitting your abstract, consider and choose the main theme, scientific topic and the preferred presentation type.


The abstract title is limited by 20 words and must be submitted using the Sentence case. (eg. This is the title of my abstract)


Up to 10 authors can be included (incl. presenting author). The person, who submits the abstract is automatically considered to be the presenting author and contact person for all future correspondence. Authors order could be changed if needed by swapping the names at the list of the co-authors. The first name is considered to be the main author. Presenting author could be amended in the online submission system while managing co-authors.


WHTC 2017 abstract submission has a recommended structure, which should be applied when preparing your abstract. Each abstract should contain these parts: Introduction, Aim, Methods, Results and Conclusion. A maximum of 6 references can be added.


Maximum abstract length is 300 words. (approx. one A4 page of text)


Up to 3 Pictures/charts/tables can be included within the abstract text.
Please check the step-by-step picture upload guide below.

Pictures must be saved in .JPG
Charts can only be inserted as a picture (saved as .jpg first)
Tables can only be inserted as a picture (saved as .jpg first)


Please note that the scientific committee advices to submit abstracts with recent and unpublished data.


Up to three pictures (1) can be inserted within the abstract text using the picture insert icon. They must be saved in JPG.

Place the picture title within the abstract text to the spot, where the picture should appear. (2) Click the “Picture insert” icon to start (3). Picture will be uploaded to the cursor current position in the text field.


Click the “Upload” button (1) and select the picture you wish to insert from your computer.
It will get uploaded to the insert image gallery (2). 


Select the corresponding picture (1), copy the picture title into the “Alternate text” field (not mandatory, original picture title will be displayed otherwise) (2) and apply the picture dimensions /one size filled is enough/ (3) and confirm the selection with the ”Insert” button. (4) (width 300px = approx. 7cm wide displayed on A4 paper).


When the picture is uploaded, the correct location and size can be checked. In case you wish to change the dimensions you can simply delete the inserted picture and insert it once again with a different size.



Should you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact the convention secretariat at any time at



Convention secretariat: C-IN, 5. kvetna 65, 140 21 Prague 4, Czech Republic | tel.: +420 261 174 305

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