5th Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Energy Summit

16. 3. 2022 - 17. 3. 2022

Porto, Portugal

This two day event will bring together key industry stakeholders from all facets of the hydrogen industry to discuss the required economical and infrastructural innovations for a sustainable future energy carrier. The key discussions will involve monetisation, latest technology implementations, material optimisation, production and transportation with case studies presented from across Europe. With incredible advances recently in hydrogen it is the best time to explore this booming industry.


Pro více informací: https://www.wplgroup.com/aci/event/hydrogen-fuel-cells-energy-summit/


European Union
Project "Česká vodíková technologická platforma 2023" CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/20_369/0025119
Is co-financed by the European Union