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Zásilkovna is a Czech franchise logistics and technological project by Simona Kijonková, which was established in 2010. Since then, it has developed into one of the most successful companies in the Czech Republic, providing comprehensive logistics services for online stores. Zásilkovna is part of 14 companies of the Packeta holding, which operates in 8 countries and delivers to 33 countries. The holding is managed by Simona Kijonková. Zásilkovna also operates a successful service Mezi námi for the delivery between individuals. In 2020, Zásilkovna launched its own solution for pick up boxes Z-BOXs. Z-BOXes are automatic pick up points that are controlled through the application and need a minimum of energy to operate through solar panels.. In July 2021, Zásilkovna launched its own home delivery service called Zásilkovna domů. The service includes a network of microdepots, which were newly created at selected pick up points of Zásilkovna throughout the Czech Republic. The aim of the microdepots is to organically complement the network of the existing 15 classic depots of Zásilkovna. The Packeta group, to which Zásilkovna belongs, currently has more than 8,000 own pick up points (there are over 5600 pick up points in the Czech Republic), almost 92,000 partner pick up points and cooperates with more than 30,000 e-shops.



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