Chart Ferox, a.s.

Chart Ferox, a.s.

Chart Ferox, a.s. is a part of the international company Chart Inc., which develops, manufactures and supplies turnkey equipment for liquefaction, storage and transportation of liquefied industrial gases, natural gas and also hydrogen.



CHEMINVEST is an EPC contractor founded in 1995. We offer the top services in the Chemical Industry, Traffic Constructions,  Long Distance Pipeline Constructions, Power Engineering and Water Constructions.


DEVINN - Development InnovationDEVINN - Development Innovation
We are a Czech development company. We work in the heart of the Czech automotive industry, in Mladá Boleslav. We mainly focus on smart innovative solutions, which we implement starting from the initial phase of the preliminary development up to the production and prototype testing. We are developers in the area of alternative-fuel passenger cars. We execute lighting tests, tests of cable harnesses, tests of control units and tests of other automotive electronics.

Energy financial group (EFG)

Energy financial group (EFG) The investment corporation Energy Financial Group focuses on projects aimed at energy production from renewable sources. We develop projects of ecological energy production, contributing to research and development of new technologies and cooperation with leading universities. Our vision is to promote the responsible waste management of in the Czech Republic and contribute to the development of the energy segment, which will be environmentally friendly.


envisan-gem_180x50.pngIs a specialized company with a focus on providing services in waste management, remediation of environmental damage, environmental protection and special applied microbiology.
The company has gained a lot of experience in these fields and has a wide range of technical and technological backgrounds.



REEN REMEDY is working on a project for complex implementation of hydrogen economy, which aims to create a system to enable hydrogen technologies to be used in the full spectrum of its options – power storage, clean mobility, electricity production, etc. The key benefit will be innovative and entrepreneurial joining of the technologies that are now still in different stages of development or commercialization into a functionally optimized whole, with the widest use of IT technology.


LEANCAT s.r.o.

Leancat logo

LEANCAT, Czech private company, was established in mid 2016 as a result of long-term cooperation between Charles Univesrsity and Czech technology group JABLOTRON. LEANCAT build upon the long-term experience and original patented discovery of Prof. Vladimir Matolín from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, whose team developed a completely new type of catalyst and a method of application, which can achieve significant savings on platinum. Two partners JABLOTRON and Vladimir Matolin invest in bringing the laboratory and research results into industrial practice and manufacturing. 

OKK Koksovny, a.s.

OKK Koksovny, a.s is the largest European producer of foundry coke. Foundry coke that we produce has been enjoying the reputation of a top European quality product for long time. OKK Koksovny, a.s. offers a broad range of cokes for foundry and metallurgical production, special metallurgy, heating and other purposes. Other products include chemicals, which are formed in high-temperature coal carbonisation. OKK Koksovny, a.s. is a significant member of the Czech Coke-Making Society.

Research Centre Řež

centrum vyzkumu rezResearch Centre Řež focuses on research, development and innovations in the field of power generation, especially (but not only) nuclear.

Research Centre Řež is part of the ÚJV Group, owned by ÚJV Řež, a. s. and is knowledgeoriented organization which is – thanks to its unique research infrastructure – the largest complex research centre in Central Europe. The combination of research reactors, technological experimental loops, hot cells and material laboratories at one site is really exceptional.


Škoda Electric as a part of Škoda Transportation group is a leading world manufacturer of public transport vehicles and electric traction equipment. Škoda Electric is a stable, strong and experienced European company, which guarantees quality, reliability and long-term cooperation. It continues in the tradition of the Škoda Works in Plzeň, which dates back 160 years.

The company prioritises the use of cutting-edge technology for its modern urban public transport and rail vehicles. It invests an average of 5 % of its annual  turnover in the development of new products.

The company employs around 800 people, more than 200 of whom are specialists in technical development, projects and construction.


We are one of the leaders of the nuclear power industry in Europe. We are part of its history and we pass on our knowledge and experience from one generation to the next. We are a team of experts working with advanced technologies and our three pillars – engineering, production and service – provide a wide range of activities within the lifecycle of a nuclear power plant. We constantly innovate and push ourselves and nuclear engineering forward.

The Czech Gas Association

Český plynárenský svaz (ČPS)The Czech Gas Association (CGA) brings together businesses, scientific, research and educational institutions, and experts operating in the gas and related industries.
The CGA follows up on the traditions established in 1919 by the Czechoslovak Gas and Water Association and it is a founding member of the International Gas Union (IGU) (1931).
The CGA’s mission is to work for the benefit of the Czech gas industry’s professional interests and needs; help to raise its levels of expertise; and represent the Czech gas industry at the international level.

The Institute of Thermomechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Thermomechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a public research institution focusing on basic and interdisciplinary research in applied physics, particularly fluid dynamics and thermodynamics, dynamics and vibrations in solid bodies and mechanical systems, impact and waves in solids, ultrasound methods for studying mechanical properties of solid materials, electrical engineering and electrophysics.

ÚJV Řež, a. s. / Nuclear Research Institute

Ústav jaderného výzkumu Řež (ÚJV)The ÚJV Řež namely is technical-engineering and design capacities, applied research, and technological equipment for safe and reliable energy, industry or nuclear medicine.

One of the key tasks of ÚJV Řež is to support the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants  in the Czech Republic and worldwide. Current clients from all over the world include power plant operators, regulatory bodies, industrial technology investors, radioactive waste producers and nuclear medicine facilities.

Unipetrol Group

UnipetrolThe Unipetrol Group is the largest refinery and petrochemical company in the Czech Republic. It focuses primarily on crude oil processing, distribution and sale of fuel and petrochemical products – particularly plastics and fertilisers. In all these fields, the group is a key player on both the Czech and Central European market. The Unipetrol Group includes refineries and production plants in Litvínov and Kralupy nad Vltavou, Paramo with the Mogul brand in Pardubice and Kolín, Spolana in Neratovice, and two research centres in Litvínov and Brno as well as rail and road carriers. Unipetrol also owns the Benzina network of petrol stations with 409 stations, which is the largest chain in the Czech Republic. Unipetrol is one of the largest companies in the Czech Republic in terms of turnover. The group created revenue of over CZK 130 billion last year and employs more than 4 700 people. In 2005, Unipetrol became part of the PKN Orlen Group.


UnitedHydrogenUNITED HYDROGEN, a. s. was founded in 2007 and now it is a member of the international group UNITED HYDROGEN GROUP.

In the company, UNITED HYDROGEN, a. s., the main objective is to become an important player in the area of production of high-quality hydrogen and to take an active part in the development of the hydrogen industry in the Czech Republic and the European Union. United Hydrogen Group (UHG) producing hydrogen since 2009. Production is CO2 neutral and UHG provides complex hydrogen business – gas, liquid, new technologies, filling stations.

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

vscht prahaThe University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (UCTP) is a typical research university, providing a top-class education in the fields of chemistry, materials chemistry, biochemistry and related technologies. It is one of the largest educational and research establishments in these fields in Europe.

VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Energy Research Center

The Energy Research Center (ERC) at Technical university of Ostrava is a specialized workplace dealing with research and development (R&D) activities primarily in the field of energy. Since 2002 ERC has been a separate university institute and has been involved in several dozen domestic and international projects in collaboration with other universities and companies. One of the principles of ERC’s functioning is the systematic building of partnerships with enterprises and the conduct of research activities for the needs of industrial practice, which is also positively reflected in the number and quality of R&D results.

Associated Members

Pražská plynárenská (Prague’s Gas Supplier)

The company Pražská plynárenská (Prague’s Gas Supplier), has been for a long time one of the most important domestic suppliers of energy. Reliably supplies almost 420 thousand supply points. Although the history of Pražská plynárenská is inseparably linked with Prague and the roots of the gas industry can be traced back to 1847, today the company is a reliable supplier of energy and related customers services throughout the Czech Republic. It deals with natural gas and electricity.


TATSUNO EUROPE a.s. is engaged in the development, production and sale of electronic fuel dispensers for public and non-public filling stations. Since its establishment in 1993 it has been supplying dispensers for dispensing of liquid fuels (petrol, diesel, biodiesel, ethanol E85…), LPG (liquefied propane butane), technical fluids (AdBlue, washer fluid…) and for filling vehicles with natural gas (CNG). It is currently working on the development of electronic fuel dispensers designed for filling vehicles with compressed hydrogen.

Hydrogen Days 2021


Upcoming Events

22 9. 2020
22 9. 2020
World Hydrogen Congress

September 22.-23. 2020, Paris, France

23 9. 2020
28 9. 2020

Past Events

15 9. 2020
2020 Online Zero Emission Bus Conference

15–17 September 2020, Online [was Denver, Colorado, USA]

14 9. 2020
World Automotive Congress FISITA 2020

September 14 - 18, 2020, Prague, Czech Republic

09 9. 2020
NOW ONLINE: f-cell + HFC Vancouver 2020, The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Digital Event [and see f-cell 2020 on 29–30September in Stuttgart, Germany]

9–10 September 2020 [NEW DATES, was 1–2 April, then 8–9 June] Online [was in Vancouver, BC, Canada]

17 7. 2020
Webinar - European Hydrogen Backbone

Friday the 17th of July – 1.30 to 3.00pm

02 7. 2020

Our Members

ÚJV Řež a.s.
Centrum výzkumu Řež s.r.o.
Pražská plynárenská, a.s.
Leancat s.r.o.
Český plynárenský svaz (ČPS)
DEVINN – Development Innovation
Energy financial group (EFG)
The Institute of Thermomechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Chart Ferox, a.s.
OKK Koksovny, a.s
CDV – Transport Research Centre (CDV)

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