15 IAEE European Energy Conference

3.-6.9.2017, Vienna, Austria


The 15th IAEE European Conference takes place in Vienna, Austria, at the Hofburg Congress Center, 3rd to 6th September 2017. The main topic will be: "HEADING TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS: BY EVOLUTION OR REVOLUTION?".

In recent years, energy systems as well as Energy markets underwent remarkable changes, world-wide. Developments in oil, natural gas as well as electricity markets brought challenges of redesigning these markets. In addition to cope with the problem of Global Warming and to head towards sustainable energy systems a global climate policy is required. It is not enough if only a few economies work on it. Global change in thinking is required and it must be sought for solutions that can cover the diverse needs like affordability, environmental compatibility and economic feasibility. Renewable and conventional generation technologies, energy efficiency and new developments in the electricity, gas and heating sector and their interactions must be included. New market designs in electricity markets , the development in global markets for oil and gas as well as the development and perpetuation of power generation by PV and wind as well as energy efficiency in nearly all sectors are a central topic of this conference.

The conference focuses on new developments of energy conversion technologies, energy policies and their effects on a country level as well as on a global level, the efficient use of different types of primary energy resources and possible solutions to stop global warming. It will be discussed which new technologies are required and which role they may play in a future supply system consisting of decentralised and central supply units (power plants, refineries, pipelines ...). The main question of this conference will be: In heading towards sustainability - is an evolutionary continuous development possible or is a revolution necessary?


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