The 7th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention


In July 2017, Prague the beautiful city in the heart of Europe will be the center of the global hydrogen and fuel cell community. On behalf of The Czech Hydrogen Technology Platform, I wish to extend a cordial invitation to you to participate in the 7th Hydrogen Technologies Convention. The Congress, which will be held under the auspices of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE) will be held July 9 - 12 2017 at the Prague Congress Centre, Prague, Czech Republic.

The aim of the congress is to offer a unique opportunity for sharing well selected aspects on the latest evidence based research findings and applications. Also, the congress is a stimulating forum for professional development and establishing fruitful global and regional collaborations. In the rich congress program will surely find their interests as an academic, scientific, corporate, but also the general public. We expect more than 1,000 participants, including 80 invited.

The congress theme, „Future Might Be Closer Than You Think“ recognises that clear trend is emerging towards the integration of renewable energy and hydrogen as a key enabling pathway towards 100% renewable energy systems, offering uniquely versatile platforms for energy storage at both small-scale, remote area, and large-scale, utility-size applications, and a promising, robust solution for clean transportation.

We have done the utmost to create a programme in line with the theme and We hope that each participant even delegates or exhibitors visiting Prague in 2017 will have a unique opportunity to learn about innovative applications for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, explore cutting edge products and reach out to a wide audience of prospective suppliers, clients and partners and we all will enjoy it.

Prague is a charming city situated in the very heart of Europe. It has a rich history, magnificent architecture, and a unique culture. The region of Prague is an important center of research with several universities. Please join us for the Hydrogen Technologies Convention 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic. We look forward to seeing you in July, 2017.

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